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White florals are classic, timeless, and one of the most popular choices for my clients. The exact floral varieties available to you, however, will depend upon your wedding date.

Peonies are a beautiful and popular choice, but if your wedding falls later than mid July, these can be tricky to get hold of. As they reach the end of their season (late July) their heads are smaller and they become more fragile in the heat.

Spring is the best time for fine art white florals, with sweet peas, anemones and ranunculus in their prime during the months of March, April and early May. These exquisite floral varieties often feature heavily in the mood boards I'm shown but, due to the less reliable weather conditions, we have very few wedding bookings during the months that these flowers are actually available and so, sadly, I don't have much opportunity to work with them.

As the summer sets in, these delicate flowers become unavailable and are replaced with hardier varieties that can better withstand the heat of the Mediterranean summer sun. Dahlias come into season in August and the beautiful pompom variety can be a nice statement piece within your floral arrangements.

Garden roses are available all summer long and the David Austen variety is very similar in form to the peony. This flower is a popular replacement for the peony but, like the hydrangea, it is extremely fragile and does not cope well with high temperatures. As a result, it is advised to only use these varieties if they're in a constant water source (i.e. NOT in an arch!).

Mondial roses have lovely big heads and are available and on peak form all summer. The white variety is more of a green/ivory shade, though, so if you're after a pure white palette, this one isn't for you.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite white / white + green themes from the past few years.


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